What you can expect


Based on student needs and parent goals, An individual program will be created and updated as progress is made. The development and any changes to each student's program will be communicated to parents throughout the process.

Our goal is to give students what they need to achieve success.  

Our tutors take time to learn about the student as a person. If a student is comfortable with a tutor as their instructor, he or she is more likely to be engaged in lessons and activities. The interests of the students are integrated into each session to ensure the highest level of participation possible. 

Our tutors have attended multiple training seminars and conferences which emphasized the most up-to-date teaching techniques in reading, writing, and mathematics. Some of these training include: Writer's Workshop, Literacy First, Tribes self-esteem building, and Literacy Interventions.

Additionally, changes in Oklahoma's standards and curriculum are constant, and Although the State's curriculum is not as comprehensive as it could be, all tutoring programs will cover the most up-to-date objectives of the State's standards. 

Our tutors have experience working with students that require additional support due to developmental delays, special needs, and/or attention disorders.

The services are all encompassing and are a collaborative effort between the student's parents and their classroom teachers. This process will enable your child to maximize their academic potential.  

A complimentary assessment of each students academic strengths and weaknesses will be provided during the first scheduled session. This assessment usually takes one half hour.


Photo credit Tara Judd