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My children LOVE Michelle! We've been blessed enough to have her tutor our son for the last 3 years, and she has helped him so much with both reading and math. Working with Michelle has increased his confidence so much, and we would highly recommend her services!

-Kari, Mother of Ben, 5th grade

Working with Chelsey over the summer helped my son gain confidence and prepared him for the upcoming school year.  She was very encouraging and patient!

- J.T, mother of a 7th grader

Mrs. Blosch gave me the gift of knowing my child can learn.

- Diane B. - mother of Bryan, age 13

My son Logan received tutoring from Chelsey Coleman, At Blosch Tutoring, to help him through Beginning and Intermediate Algebra classes at TCC.  Logan has always struggled with Math and has had a lot of math anxiety since 1st grade.  He also has High Functioning Autism.  Chelsey was AMAZING!  She was super positive and patient with him.   He actually enjoyed going to tutoring to work with her each week.  She helped him not only understand the concepts that he had struggled with in all during high school, she also helped him increase his confidence as a student.   She was also extremely helpful with teaching him how to use the online MyMathLab Plus program that they use at TCC and was able to give him tools to help him do better on tests.  Logan did very well in his classes, was able to do his work independently, and has now advanced to Pre-Calculus.  Chelsey is wonderful teacher and Michelle did a super job in matching our son with the right tutor! I am so thankful to have found Blosch Tutoring!

- Heather Bates - Mother of Logan, Age 20

Mrs. Blosch continues to give my boys wonderful support, guidance and a foundation to learn and grow. 

- Liz P. - Mother of Eric, Austin AND Ben, ages 7,  13 and 14


My daughter met with Ms. Chelsey in the area of math and absolutely loved it.  She always wanted to go and left with tons of stories of what she learned.  I was given weekly updates as well as things we could do at home. Ms. Chelsey was very professional, fun, and provided both hands on learning activities as well as paperwork.  Assessments were provided throughout the semester so that learning was always geared towards the right areas. We look forward to continue going to Blosch Tutoring this next semester.  

-Christi WyaTT - Mother of A 2nd grader

Mrs. Blosch did a wonderful job with our boys this summer (2014).  The boys each advanced in their skill levels.  She is encouraging, kind, and a skilled teacher.  Our boys looked forward to their time with her.  They both transitioned into this new school year easily. Learning time and homework is much easier this year after preventing a summer backslide.

- Anna M. - mother of Brice and Rogan, ages 8 and 6

Mrs. Blosch has a heart for children and a passion for seeing her students excel in whatever goal is set before them. She is extremely professional while at the same time showing compassion and concern for the student and their specific need. We have seen a dramatic improvement in our daughters confidence as she reads and continues to love learning. 

- Christina S. - mother of Katelyn, age 8

My son received tutoring services from Mrs. Blosch during the summer of 2011. I will have to say, it was an instant connection. Hunter's needs were met and his weaker points were strongly reviewed. During the summer, Hunter obtained a new knowledge of reading comprehension and math skills due to the very creative and in depth lesson plans. To this day we still have a close relationship with Mrs. Blosch and would recommend her services to any one that is seeking additional assistance for their child.

- Nikki H. - mother of Hunter, 3rd grade

We have had the privilege of working with Mrs. Blosch two different times. She taught two of our three children and we absolutely LOVED the experience. Both our boys received an incredible education each year they had her as their teacher. She is excellent at keeping students focused, making school fun, and she teaches with love and understanding.  

- Stacy Thorn - Mother of Silas and Andy, ages 12 and 9

This past summer I acquired the tutoring services of Mrs. Blosch for my 9 year old son.  I was concerned he might not be ready for third grade.  After several days a week over a few months, I could see my son's confidence growing with key subjects.  I’m proud to say he is having a banner year, and I couldn't be more proud of him!  I would recommend Mrs. Blosch to anyone concerned with getting their kiddos up to speed.

- Mitch F., - Father of Aiden, age 9

We all have those people in our lives who ‘made a mark’ on us and for my son, Landry, Michelle Blosch is that person!  We reached out to Mrs. Blosch for summertime tutoring help, with our goal being to boost his self-esteem in the classroom. During that process, his confidence grew both academically and socially by leaps and bounds!!! Landry looked forward to tutoring with Mrs. Blosch and asked me to sign him up for the next summer, so we did! We were lucky enough to enjoy her as our tutor, as well as a Teacher. As a Mom, it was comforting to know that Landry was being loved on and cared for by Mrs. Blosch, much like I would…greeted with a hug and a smile every day.  Our experience working with Michelle was overwhelmingly positive!! 

- Jennifer R. - mother of Landry, age 9

Mrs. Blosch tutored my daughter in math after school, and we saw immediate improvement in her daily performance and test scores.  She was reliable, easy to work with and my child began to enjoy math.

- Michelle C. - mother of Sydney, age 12

My son had fun!  It helped him stay fresh for first grade and he become a better reader.  

- Dana R. - mother of Luke, age 9

Michelle Blosch has been instrumental in my son’s ability to read, write, and excel at math. She has been able to engage our child in curriculum that both entertains and teaches to his level at the same time. He had such a positive experience with Ms. Blosch during the school year that we didn’t hesitate to enroll him in her summer tutoring classes. It was a great refresher for him prior to the start of school. I would highly recommend Michelle as a great teacher and tutor.

- Melinda S. - mother of Austin, age 8

I had noticed that my 8 year old sons reading skills were lagging and inquired about summer reading programs. Mrs. Blosch came recommended to us by her colleagues at Central Elementary. My son had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Blosch during the summer and fall semesters of 2012. Her kind, gentle demeanor and patience were what my child needed to improve his reading skills. Over the last six months his test scores have increased and he loves to read more than ever. I would highly recommend Mrs. Blosch for tutoring.

- Diane M. - mother of Kyle, age 10

My son has had a very successful year in first grade thanks to Michelle Blosch.  She understands what a child needs academically and emotionally to thrive.  She appreciated my son as a student with individual needs and structured the learning environment to help him reach his potential.

- Tara J. - mother of David, age 8

Mrs. Blosch has been tutoring my son, a 3rd grader, on and off for the last couple of years.  In the beginning, he was having trouble with reading. Over the course of two summers she focused strictly on reading. He is now reading at his grade level.  Currently, Mrs. Blosch is  helping my son adjust to the new challenges of 3rd grade.  She has a great amount of patience and love for her students.  I would recommend her to anyone who has a child who needs tutoring.  She was one of the most sought after teachers when she was teaching, and she is still loved by parents and children.  

 - Lauren D. - mother of Dylan, age 9